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IT industry is booming and with it the growth opportunities as well. Though dynamic, the IT industry gives a plethora of opportunities and chances of growth. Ranging from database administrators, software engineers, programmers, web designers the opportunities are unlimited. There is a vibrant range of job profiles and co-ordinates. Not only that even the salaries on offer are in the high range in the IT profession. Various surveys conducted across the world have proven this fact. There is no doubt that designations such as CIO and CTO are not only the highest paid but also carry a high job responsibility value.
ACIT is a training institute which mainly provides CISCO certifications in addition to other programs. Once a student enrolls for a training program, they not only undergo intensive training, backed with descriptive course material and training manual there is also a job guarantee at the end of a CCIE program. There is a huge demand in the industry for CISCO certified jobs. Some of the jobs which come under this category are CCIE certified jobs, CCNA jobs, CCNP jobs and CCIP jobs. All of these come under the category of networking jobs. Not only an experienced person, but even a networking fresher can find his place in the networking industry. So after the completion of the training program the student can look for a higher salary bracket with better skills to compete with and also with other networking candidates in the industry. The counselors at ACIT provide CCIE placement assistance. Additionally, if the student opts for MCITP certification then the student can also look for MCITP jobs in the industry.
ACIT training is a complete package with theoretical as well as practical training. Backed with CCIE certified faculty devoting individual attention, the students find it easier to clear the final exam. This is one of the reasons why ACIT has one of the highest passing rates in the industry. There is a vast scope for CCIE jobs in India across IT industries and students who pass out of ACIT stand a better chance to reach heights in IT industry and gain an edge in CISCO certified jobs in India and across the globe.
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